136 Massive WordPress Tutorial Collection

It’s absolutely no answer so I figure the WordPress platform is the way to go in developing a web occurrence for any design proficient who wants to do it on this own and control the result. What sets WordPress apart according to a larger number of blogging application are the several cost free templates, tutorials and extensions accessible within plug-ins to allow you to carry out your goals.

With so most blogging tool programs available, its often difficult to decide on that is the properly one for you. It’s major to take to deliberation not only the up-front expense but furthermore your times ahead needs for advertising, categorizing, updates etc.

For folks who select to design this blog via WordPress route, we present here ultimate round-up of Quality WordPress Tutorial that aides you to grow your blog design and features.

The uncomplicated purpose behind now produce is to provide evidence you Various Sources of Popular, creative and multiple significantly Free Tutorials, Tips and Hacks to save your era searching the web them online. 

How to WordPress Tutorial 

1. The WordPress Tutorial: Easy Start

2. WordPress Tutorials: Complete set

3. WordPress for Designers: Video Series

4. How to Become a WordPress Developer

5. The WordPress Help Sheet

6. The Advanced WordPress Help Sheet

7. WordPress Template Tag Reference Guide

8. Huge Compilation of WordPress Code

9. 48 Unique Ways to Use WordPress

10. Things you should know when displaying pages in WordPress

11. WordPress: KeyBoard Shortcuts

12. How to Install WordPress Manually

WordPress Theme Tutorial

13. So You Want to Create WordPress Themes, Huh?

14. WordPress Theme Hacks

15. How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch

16. How to Create a WordPress Theme from Scratch – Part 2

17. How to Create WordPress Themes from Scratch – Part 1

18. How to Create WordPress Themes from Scratch – Part 2

19. How to Create a WordPress Theme in 5 Minutes

20. Turning a Web Template Into a WordPress Theme

21. Designing for WordPress

22. Developing a WordPress Theme

23. Dissection of a WordPress Theme – Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4

24. Designing for WordPress Screencast – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

25. How to Widgetizing Themes

26. How to Create a WordPress Template or Theme

WordPress Menu and Navigation Tutorials 

27. Display your WordPress Tags in a Drop-Down Menu

28. Using Sliding Doors with WordPress Navigation

29. Rounded Corner Tab Menus

30. WordPress Categories in a Horizontal Drop-down Menu

31. Adding Private Pages to Your Blog’s Navigation 

WordPress Post Tutorials 

32. The proper way to write code in your blog posts

33. Things you should know when using post excerpt

34. How to Take Full Advantage of Your Post Timestamp

35. Styling Individual Posts Using the_ID

36. How to Display the Thumbnail for Each Post on the Home Page

37. Adding Thumbnails to Your Posts in WordPress

38. Adding An Author Page To Your WordPress Blog 

WordPress Comments Page Tutorials 

39. 30 Most Wanted WordPress Comments Page Hacks

40. Unraveling the Secrets of WordPress’ comments.php File

41. Hack Together a User Contributed Link Feed with WordPress Comments

42. Comment Styling in WordPress

43. How-to style WordPress author comments

44. How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress

45. Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks

46. WordPress Ajax Commenting revisited

47. Adding Form Validation to WordPress Comments Using jQuery

48. How to Add Gravatars to WordPress Themes 

WordPress XHTML/CSS & JavaScript Tutorials 

49. From XHTML/CSS to WordPress

50. WordPress CSS Guides

51. Customizing Widgets Using CSS

52. No More CSS Hacks

53. How to Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme

54. Category Styling

55. How to Protect CSS Mods for ANY WordPress Theme

56. How to Apply a Dynamic Body Class or ID 

WordPress Statistics Tutorials 

57. Quick shooting stats of your WordPress blog

58. Create a Statistics Page for Advertisers

59. How to Easily Make WordPress Archives that Rock 

WordPress Design and Layout Tutorials 

60. Multiple Page Layouts in a Single Template

61. Blog Posts in Different Columns

62. Creating a Widget Ready Footer

63. Simple Random Header Image for Your Blog

64. Customize Your 404 Page

65. Don’t Ignore Your WordPress Footer

66. Adding Tabs to Your Theme’s Sidebar

67. How to Make a Featured Post Carousel for WordPress

68. Build a Featured Posts Section for WordPress

69. Build a Basic Newspaper style layout with WordPress and jQuery

70. How To Create A Custom WordPress Page Template

71. Client Friendly WordPress Themes: Header.php 

WordPress Plugin Tutorials 

WordPress Tips and Hacks Tutorials 

79. WordPress Theme Hacks

80. Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques

81. Multiple WordPress Installations Using a Single Database

82. Laying text over your lead graphic/Images

83. Creating a “Dynamic Sticky” Pages

84. How-to turn visitors into returning visitors

85. How to Show Category Images

86. WP Date Image Hack

87. Removing Several Categories from the Loop in WordPress

88. The Most Desired WordPress Hacks: 11 Common Requests and Fixes

89. The Date/Image Hack

90. How to Add Photo Captions

91. How to make a random post button

92. How to place a login form in the sidebar

93. 4 Simple Ways To Speed Up WordPress

94. WordPress Category Page Hacks

95. WordPress Thumbnail Size Limit Hack

96. How to embed YouTube Video in WordPress

97. Hodgepodge of WordPress Tricks 

WordPress RSS and Feed Tutorials

98. Creating Posts That Appear Only In RSS

99. How to Format Images for Feed Readers

100. Mashing Up Feeds Using Yahoo Pipes

101. Publishing External RSS Headlines to Your WordPress Site 

WordPress Backend Tutorials 

102. Creating Custom Write Panels in WordPress

103. Customize your WordPress Login

104. Create a Tabbed Featured Post Area in WordPress

105. Moving your Blog, changing your domain name

106. How to Make a Control Panel for Your WordPress Theme

107. WordPress as a CMS

108. Using WordPress Custom Fields: Introduction

109. WordPress Custom Fields: Laying Text Over Your Lead Graphic

110. How to setup PrettyURLs on WordPress

111. Setting up a member/user directory in WordPress

112. Import and Export WordPress Data

113. Lost Password, Update User Info

114. WordPress blog admin settings

115. How to Enable HTTPS

Miscellaneous WordPress Tutorial

116. Embedding WordPress into OS Commerce

117. How to Enable HTTPS for WordPress.com Blogs

118. Build a Dynamic Design Portfolio

119. The Definitive Guide to Semantic Web Markup for Blogs

120. How to Use WordPress as a Membership Directory

121. DiggProof your WordPress

122. Automatic Site Map for WordPress

123. Add a Twitter Field to your Form

124. Making Better Use of Your Error “404? Page

125. How to Optimize Your WordPress Title

126. Add Del.icio.us Daily Blog Posting To Your WordPress Blog

127. Make Your WordPress Blog Search Engine Friendly

128. How to Put Adsense on Your WordPress Blog

129. SEO for WordPress Tips

130. Make an Apple.com Style Breadcrumb for Your WordPress Blog

131. How To Move Your WordPress Blog to a New Domain

132. Using a WordPress Page as Your Homepage

133. Build a Dynamic Design Portfolio with WordPress

134. Blocking Your WordPress Categories and Archives from Google

135. 13 Tags to Delete from Your Theme

136. Create your first widget

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