12 WordPress Theme Development Frameworks

If you create and raise WordPress themes often, you are able to perhaps be fed up of all the repetitive code writing, the relentlessly checking of your mark-up and all you in effect would like to do is focus on the design and the project-specific features. The solution is a WordPress development framework. A framework is implemented to quickness up the method of designing and coding a WordPress theme by minimizing your time, and balancing your patience, on WordPress’ back-end code the current is repeated throughout each theme.

This forward is not close to discovering the finest framework, it is approximately coming across the correctly framework who drives for you. If you are an felt developer next you would likely go for the powerful and feature rich Thematic or Carrington, or if you are a novice, you serves to try the Whiteboard framework or , a good deal easier, download a stripped out and bare bones blank canvas theme, that you would see at the underside of the post.

Which are able to you use?

1.Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework

Thematic is a free, open-source, highly extensible, search-engine optimized WordPress Theme Framework featuring 13 widget-ready areas, grid-based layout samples, styling for popular plugins, and a gargantuan neighborhood behind it. It’s larger for beginner bloggers and WordPress development professionals.


2. Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework

Amazing WordPress theme framework, certainly one of my favorite. Here is very brief record how You archieve based on data from the current framework:
I’ll easily post you the very brief input instead, so you can go in the near future and play amongst the theme:

  • Developed surrounded by child themes in mind, so you’ll never exhaust your customizations.
  • SEO optimized. No trouble for plugins to deal with the present anymore.
  • Theme choices such a are approximately content/information.
  • Templates for everything.
  • 13 web site templates.
  • Actively grown for WP 2.7 but backward compatible lessened to 2.5.
  • 15+ plugins supported through the theme.
  • Attachment handling want you’ve never experienced.
  • Advanced breadcrumbs out of any larger amount of theme.
  • Ability to run recently up any sort of site.
  • And in 20 tutorials to start.


3.Vanilla Theme

Vanilla’s key boast is this: Exceptional energy and freedom for designers, without (or barely) needing to appreciate or touch PHP. Thanks to the combined capabilities of PHPTAL templates, Carrington’s atomic templates, YUI CSS and thorough widgetization (including tailored widget controls).
Lovely framework released short of code.google.com section at which different frameworks is combined up – surely superiority checking out!


4.Carrington – CMS theme framework for WordPress

Carrington is a CMS theme framework for WordPress which causes it easy to build different appears for distinct categories, posts and comments recently by making personal templates. Framework surrounded by complete documentation, state forums to undergo Your queries explained, exceptionally friendly!


5. WP Framework – A blank WordPress Theme Framework

WP Framework is a blank WordPress theme framework, that aims to cut dropped on your theme development time. It sells you a stable theme foundation to form your imagine on top of so you can focus on project-specific parts ideal based on the git-go.


6.Whiteboard – A Free WordPress Theme Framework

Whiteboard is clean, noted, and small (only 76KB in size – unzipped!). It includes all the routine PHP tags and PHP files needed for a WordPress theme – additonally a few extras.

It is calculated to rapidity up the technique of designing and coding a WordPress theme by eliminating the moment used on WordPress’ back-end PHP such a is depleted in most any theme.


7. SandBox

The Sandbox is a powerful software to be had for WordPress theme designers and developers. The Sandbox can be simply programmed simply in CSS, so beginners is planning to feel comfortable not putting themselves out provided PHP.

Experienced developers and designers can get done nearly everything amongst pithy work, thanks to the rich, semantic markup and profusion of classes dynamically generated by the Sandbox.


8. The WordPress Starter Theme Project

And right here are particularlly of the characteristics of WPcandy starter theme:

  • Blank style.css amid theme name, author, URL, etc. tags at the top
  • Content-ready 404, archive, search, index, single post, and web site files
  • Full, struggling comments.php file
  • Complete header.php set up amidst links to RSS, a stylesheet, and JS file; <title> template
  • Default searching the web shape template
  • Blank screenshot.png file and images folder


9. Buffet by: Melvin Lee

The Buffet Framework is a WordPress theme framework calculated not alone for the theme developers who may be paying off the theme actions and filters to build child themes, but as well for the end users who is able to be able to add and remove how properties want. Like a multitude of WordPress theme frameworks, the Buffet Framework utilises WordPress actions and filters to help theme developers to add other content without editing the templates files making use of the child theme concept.


10. Thesis by: Chris Pearson 

The Thesis Theme is a framework who has continued assembled through exorbitant typography, a dynamically resizable layout, intelligent code, airtight optimization, and investing in oodles of flexibility the current offer it versatile sufficient for a good amount of projects. Have a be on the look at the present video investigate of Thesis 1.5


11. Ashford WP Framework

Ashford has kept on made to be as obvious as potential to use, it is furthermore packed providing multiple useful and powerful features. You can implement and edit content providing Adminbar, Hints and Admin-In-Place, decide from what i read in dozens of web site layouts (including a content carousel), content can additionally be individualized paying for widgets and the majority of sidebars and of way all code validates and is completely SEO.

Ashford, want a large amount of frameworks, uses child themes, construction it significantly straightforward to raise with. Unfortunately, child themes for Ashford are as yet limited.

ashford WordPress Theme framework

12. OnePress Community Framework

The OnePress framework is an integrated website and forum solution. It is, simply, a WordPress theme to represent as the foundation and framework for your web site and online community. Leveraging the powerful WordPress and phpBB projects, OnePress supplies a set of portions focused on helping you fashion and keep up your site according to the inside out. With currently set of tools, you can simply run your sector and do so investing in qualified presentation.


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